Preparing for your photo session

The way I approach dog photography is very natural and laidback. All sessions are filled with plenty of toys, treats and time. Usually by the end of a photo session everyone, dog included, is exhausted!

Here are some tips to help make it a success!


What to Wear

Think classic pieces that you'll still like 10 years from now when you look at your photographs.

Solid colors or neutral patterns are great options while bold stripes, graphics and text can be distracting. We also recommend staying away from fabrics that show off your pet's unique shedding abilities. 


Preparing your Home

It’s a good idea to do a basic clean up in the rooms we’ll use before the shoot. Fold blankets, plump pillows and declutter as necessary.


Preparing your Pet

Teaching and practicing sit and stay commands with your dog may be the most beneficial thing you can do to prepare them.

It is also a good idea to exercise your pup thoroughly beforehand so they are not at their peak energy level during the shoot.

If your dog needs grooming, we recommend doing that during the week leading up to the session. A good bath and brushing  the night before works well too.


What to Bring

Please bring anything your dog may need to stay calm and focused. If you'd like to deck them out in bowties, bandanas or sweaters don't forget to bring those as well. If you have along-haired dog, please bring their brush.

We will have a wide selection of all-natural treats, toys and noise makers. It's important to us to keep your dog safe during the photo shoot so we do not recommend allowing them off leash anywhere without a fence. We'll have a 20ft leash to use for capturing action shots safely. The leash will be edited out of ordered images.

If you have any questions of concerns leading up to the shoot, please ask. No question is too silly when it comes to working with animals!

See you soon.

Hannele |