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"I recently visited NYC with my pup Izzy and wanted to get some photos with her since she's a senior pup and I want to document some of our trips and memories. Hannele was in the city for another project, and had time for a session with us, and I'm so glad because the photos are AMAZING. Hannele took so much time with us and captured real moments as we walked along the waterfront. We got a variety of different locations and shot selections, and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the photos! Thank you so much Hannele!" ~ Amber


We participated in a documentary-style photoshoot with Hannele and our dog, Kylo. The pictures are amazing! Hannele spent a whole morning with us capturing Kylo's personality in all of its forms; the shots she produced—both in our tiny DC apartment and outdoors in Meridian Hill Park—are now some of our most treasured shots of our little family. Highly recommend working with Hannele! ~Melissa


Honestly, I'm not sure I could ever say enough good about Hannele if I tried. We brought our timid rescue pup in for a recent mini photo session, and Hannele was so great with her (and us) throughout the entire process. She is calm, flexible, understands and truly works with the dogs, and ensures that everyone leaves happy. The photos she was able to capture of Annabelle summed up her personality in the best possible way. I would trust Hannele with capturing precious moments between me and my furry friends in the future, and recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking to preserve their dog and their legacy through photography. ~Kelsey


"I reached out to Hannele to help coordinate a surprise engagement with my (now) fiance and our dog (Revere) in September. She worked with us to plan locations for the shoot and discussed accommodations for Revere who tends to get a bit nervous and is epileptic. Meanwhile behind the scenes, Hannele and I planned when and where I would propose. Hannele has a gift not only with a camera, but with dogs as well! Revere LOVED Hannele (and her treats) and showed some amazing personality that came out because of his comfort with her. When the time to propose came, Hannele realized we should adjust our location and expertly and subtlety moved us to the perfect spot. She captured everything about the day and we could not be more happy with all of our photos. Hannele will even come to your home to discuss printing options and designs for your home. Hannele's personal touch coupled with her high end photography expertise made for an outstanding experience. If you want to capture personalized memories with your dog that will last forever - there is nowhere else you should look! ~ Kyle




"Hannele is awesome! She's super friendly, *loves* dogs, and knew exactly how to get our pup to behave - and she was very patient when our pup got too excited! Would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for great photos of your dog. Ordering prints after the session was really easy, they arrived quickly (and with a cool gift on the side, too!) and look great in our office / apartment. Can't recommend Hannele enough!!" ~Chris




"We had such a great time during our mini-session with Hannele, I can't recommend it enough! She is a very talented photographer and the pictures came out great, thank you again Hannele!" ~Madison




"Incredibly impressed by the results of a recent mini photo session with Hannele. She was so calm and sweet, even though my 115 lb Great Dane was trampling over everything and making it very difficult to shoot. Despite the fact that my dog was hardly able to pose for more than a millisecond, the images came out beautifully!" ~Sarah




"Hannele is a wildly talented photographer and a consummate professional. Not only does she produce beautiful images, she also has a particular talent for capturing an animal’s distinctive personality and spirit in her work. In addition to this, she is just a wonderful person to work with - having seen her on the job, I can attest to her skill, patience and professionalism in dealing with all sorts of subjects. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with her on multiple occasions (as she generously donates her talents to animal rescue efforts) and every one of them has been absolutely delightful. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly, both for the experience and for the truly gorgeous results." ~Asrah




"I recently had all 3 of my very quirky and energetic senior dogs photographed by Hannele for a fundraiser for City Dogs Rescue in DC. Aside from the fact that she generously donated her time and skills to raise money for the rescue, she was incredibly kind, patient, and professional when photographing each of them. She took such amazing photos of them, capturing their exact personalities. She had all sorts of tricks up her sleeve to get even my most ADHD pup to look at the camera. I am so so in love with the photos we received and have recommended her services to every and anyone who will listen. Truly beautiful work and a kind and wonderful human. Thank you Hannele!" ~Beth




"On Christmas 2015 my four adult children surprised me with a gift card for a photo shoot with my two best friends ages 10 and 13 (George and Sallie). The shoot captured my two pups’ personalities (and looks of course). My heart swelled when I saw the portfolio. I was especially amazed at the ones she was able to get with my Aussie since she is a very busy and fidgety dog!  Hannele is truly amazing. She is a dog whisperer. She has found her niche in photographing pets. It was a fun and wonderful afternoon. This Christmas I surprised my four children with framed pictures of the dogs they grew up with. They were thrilled since these are the family dogs of their childhood memories. Hannele captured those memories!" ~ Paula




 "My dog Trip is my service dog and we are very, very close. I get very anxious meeting new people in new surroundings and rely heavily on Trip. Hannele has such patience and a calming effect on her subjects, I was actually able to relax and the special bond between Trip and I was captured in the photos. I have never had a relationship with a dog like I do with Trip and now I will never forget it. Our photos are displayed around the house and I had some note cards made with the digital photo I ordered. I am grateful for her high caliber of creativity,  professionalism, and expertise." ~ Hilary




"Hannele was great with Max, a 9-month old puppy who was somewhat consternated by the lights and equipment. She worked with him gently and got some great images." ~Andrew



"Hannele is a tremendously talented photographer and did a lovely job photographing my two tiny pups at a recent sitting. My dogs are not known for their calm demeanor but Hannele was able to get some great pics of both of them in a very short time. I appreciate the photojournalist quality of her work, and she does lovely portraits as well. I can’t say enough good things about her both professionally and personally; she is a very nice person and generously gives of her time to support a local dog rescue organization. Don’t hesitate to have her photograph you and your will love the results!" ~Stephanie 




"Hannele was extremely patient with Izzy, my 9 year shiffon. She gave her time to get acclimated in the studio and she rewarded Izzy with treats throughout the session. Hannele captured Izzy's personality through the quality of her images and I could not be more impresse. Her professionalism was A+++!" ~Kimberly




"Hannele did a wonderful job of capturing the true essence of Alfred, my beagle/cattle dog rescue, and Boots and Tess, my 13- and 11-year old cats. Cats are not the easiest subjects to capture on film, but Hannele's patience and talent (and some catnip!) resulted in a wonderful portfolio, which I will treasure for many years to come. I also framed some of the Hannele's wonderful photos from this portfolio as a gift for my parents' 40th anniversary, and they couldn't have been happier.  The fact that her photography is now hanging in homes around the world speaks volumes for Hannele's talent and creativity." ~ Deb 




"We were hoping Hannele would be able to capture the personalities of both of our dogs – the outgoing, assertive, independent, life-of-the-party Junebug, and the more reserved, cautious, never-let-us-out-of-his-sight Rufus. Both are former strays, and they are our family (with no kids, we dote on them instead.) Hannele exceeded our expectations. She was able to get Rufus to trust and be comfortable with her in no time and was able to take advantage of Junebug’s responsiveness to attention, treats, and the special words that make her cock her head and seem to smile. We used the pictures of them with us on our holiday cards this year, and others are in frames around our house. And the best two are now displayed prominently in our living room, on 16-by-16 bamboo panels. We have told all of our dog-owning friends that Hannele is the one to call for photos that capture the essence of their beloved pets, and their bond with them." ~ Mike + Marcia




"I had been wanting a photographer to capture the sweet, unique personalities of my dogs… but when my beloved Sam was diagnosed with cancer, it became much more important and urgent. Sam had just completed treatment before the shoot and was so tired. Hannele was so patient and kind with him and he instantly loved her. She took her time to get the best shots and give Sam the breaks he needed. Looking at her beautiful photos of Sam, no one would ever suspect he wasn’t feeling his best. Hannele is an extremely talented artist, and a kind-hearted human being, who has a gift for capturing the true spirit of dogs. Sam’s photographs are stunning and I will treasure them always." ~Christi 




"I joined Hannele for one of the mini-sessions she did for City Dogs Rescue. Hannele knows how to get the best out of your pet and brings wonderful calming energy to the room. My pup, Amos, was a little anxious and she was able to calm him and know when he needed a break. I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to truly capture the personality of their pup (or feline)." ~Eve




"I wanted a photographer who could capture Quinn’s proud, intense spirit in a way that I hadn’t been able to do in my own amateur photos, especially outdoors where distractions abound. Hannele has such a gift for photography in natural settings and delivered glorious, vibrant images of my dog. She is exceedingly patient and unrushed with her canine clients. Happily, Hannele is just as patient with humans and guided the selection of the location and lighting that would produce the best results. Hannele's work is stunning, and I have been very proud to display these images. It was such a pleasure working with someone who finds so much joy in her craft!" ~Tara




"Hannele was absolutely a joy to watch at Cody's mini photo session for CityDogs Rescue. I was in awe of how she got him to focus on her and the camera. She is so incredibly talented and obviously loves her work. She truly captured his personality. I now have the most gorgeous framed picture of Cody on my wall which I will always treasure. All you need to do is check out her work of all the animals and you'll see just how amazing she is. Thank you Hannele for capturing my Cody's gentle soul." ~Sheila




“Hannele is a phenomenal photographer. Her incredible work speaks for itself. However, beyond the beautiful photos she produces, she is also an amazing and generous person who donates her talent to City Dogs Rescue to help rescue dogs get adopted. If our dogs were any indication, Hannele's subjects are not always the most cooperative; however, she is extremely patient, kind and gentle with them during the sessions. One of our dogs was very fearful but due to Hannele's manner, she was able to get some amazing shots, nonetheless! If you want beautiful photos of your dogs and want to have a great time getting them, Hannele is the perfect photographer!”  ~Laura




“When I first got my little puppy Jack, I knew right off that I wanted some professional photographs of his puppy days and I knew just who to contact!  After several emails with Hannele, where she answered all my questions and offered suggestions on the shoot, we met up for the session.  She immediately put me at ease and starting photographing the dog.  We walked all over the park, she was patient with my puppy, got down on the ground and took photos that I didn't even believe were possible!  When I got the proofs, it was very emotional as she had truly captured the essence of my puppy.  His special little smile and the way he tilts his head was apparent in every shot.  She is comfortable around dogs and not afraid to get dirty.  I will be looking forward to working with Hannele again.  I couldn't have been more pleased with her work!” ~ Cathy




“I so enjoyed watching you work with our Chessie, Chester, this past summer. You were able to grab his attention and focus, thus producing photos we have not been able to get from him.  Getting him at a full run, with his ears flapping still makes me laugh.  I also enjoyed the photos of him interacting with his other master.  Your prices are reasonable and your ability to get the best out of your client(s) is a testament to your easy, thorough, and professional manner. Thank you!" ~Sue




"Knowing Hannele professionally for several years, I was familiar with her natural talent but wasn't sure what she would get out of my three wild pups. On a hot summer day at a local park full of distractions, she used her patience, unique eye, and tasty duck treats to create some wonderful shots that truly capture the distinct personalities of our furry family members. The photos will help me to always remember them as they are now - young and nimble and happy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for honest photography that captures everyday life through a refined lens." ~ Lia




 "Hannele has demonstrated a commitment to animal welfare through her work with City Dogs Rescue. It is through this commitment that she can determine the unique and wonderful personality of each dog she photographs, and as a result, her photos always tell unique and wonderful stories. The dogs she has photographed have found loving homes thanks to her goodwill, patience and strong photography skills." ~Padmini, City Dogs Rescue Photography Coordinator



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