About Hannele


I love how dogs see the world...

To a dog, a ball is not just a ball. That shiny, slobbery plaything is an opportunity, a challenge, a steadfast companion. In my dog photography—often down on all fours—I strive to glimpse life on their level: A bowl of food is love and comfort. A warm bath is the ultimate back rub. A knock at the door is a chance to prove courage and loyalty. Therein capturing the reality of dog ownership—a reminder to enjoy the small things. 

My life in photography has been a wild ride. In addition to the wonderful world of canines, I pursue projects and assignments dedicated to my intense love of the natural world and exploration. After earning my photo degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, I've been fortunate to work for dream clients such as the Smithsonian Institution and National Geographic and my photographs have been exhibited in venues around the world.

When I’m not making photos or chasing after my pups, I continue to celebrate the small things by hiking local trails (join me!), exploring new places and practicing my downward dogs.